About us

The ARC Centre of Excellence in Bio-Nano Science and Technology (CBNS) was a national innovator in bio-nano sciences and an incubator of the expertise and technological excellence required to develop next generation bio-responsive nanomaterials.

The objectives of the CBNS were to:

  • be a centre of innovation in bio-nano science
  • be an incubator of bio-nano science expertise
  • develop the next generation of bio-responsive nanomaterials
  • create methodologies and models to understand and predict how nanoengineered materials interact with biological systems
  • exploit knowledge of the bio-nano interface to design materials
  • develop modes of collaboration (between physical, biological and social sciences) to enable ‘upstream engagement’ in the early stages of research

The CBNS was funded by the Australian Research Council through the Centres of Excellence program from 2014 to 2021 as a collaboration between five Australian universities (Monash University and the Universities of Melbourne, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia) where the majority of the CBNS’s research was undertaken.

Our core research was enhanced through our partners where we link with other experts nationally and from around the world.

The CBNS researchers came from a diverse range of expertise, spanning nanotechnology, polymer science, cell biology, cancer biology, systems biology, pharmacology, chemical engineering, 3D CGI, immunology, chemistry and social science.

Detailed information about our research, people and activities in any year can be found in our Annual reports.