Carers Support Fund

CBNS members who have primary carer responsibilities are invited to apply for the CBNS Carer’s Support Fund. Primary carer responsibilities include caring for dependants such as children, elderly, incapacitated or disabled family members. CBNS members that are not primary carers but can demonstrate that the CBNS work commitment will incur extraordinary carer costs for them may also apply for the CBNS Carer’s Support Fund.

CBNS recognises that some members have carer responsibilities that may limit their access to opportunities for the development of their careers. The CBNS Carer’s Support Fund is an initiative to support CBNS staff and students (Masters and PhD) that are primary carers. The CBNS Carer’s Support Fund will assist the recipient by contributing to extraordinary carer costs associated with caring for a dependant while the recipient is undertaking work related to, or affiliated with, CBNS. This work may include (but is not limited to) attending a conference or meeting, visiting a CBNS collaborating organisation, or to undertake research training.

Guidelines and Eligibility

Application Form