CBNS Bio-Nano Activity and Practical Guide

The CBNS Bio-Nano Activity and Practical Guide serves as a tool for educators (high school teachers, lecturers, coordinators) and researchers (professors, post-doctorate researchers, PhD students) in the bio-nano science field who would like to conduct bio-nano activities and experiments for school students (primary and secondary school).

This guide is a collection of successful experiments that have been conducted by CBNS across our nodes during outreach activities, such as science demonstrations during National Science Week and school visits.

The aim of this guide is to:

• collate useful and successful experiments ran by CBNS as a collective resource
• expand on the teaching and learning experience provided by CBNS researchers in outreach programs
• provide a guide for educators (school teachers and program coordinators) to incorporate bio-nano science experiments in their school curriculum

Please download the Guide here.

This Guide was made possible by the below CBNS members, with a special shout out to Paul and Santhni for being the driving force behind the guide:

* provided experiments for the guide

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