Aria an Antarctica adventuring awardee
Grants and Awards | September 5, 2019

Homeward Bound(HB) is a ground-breaking, global leadership initiative, set against the backdrop of Antarctica, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet.

The global network of like-minded women is committed to demonstrating a model of leadership (collaborative, inclusive, legacy-minded, trustworthy with assets – people and money) that will influence outcomes for men and women towards a healthier planet and a sustainable future for us all.

Ms Aria Ahmed-Cox, a proud and empowered CBNS and UNSW researcher, was awarded a place within the 5th Cohort of future leaders.

Applications from women courageously stepping up to lead for the greater good, from all around the world – 35 countries, 46 nationalities represented. This was their most diverse and challenging selection process to date. From 297 eligible applications, a total of 87 reviewers (HB alumnae, faculty, LSI coaches and independent professionals) volunteered to support this process.
75 women were selected and are ready to demonstrate a new model of leadership (inclusive, collaborative, legacy-minded, trustworthy with assets) to create better outcomes for the planet.
Like the four cohorts that have gone before them, #TeamHB5 enter their leadership journey via an 11-month online curriculum covering leadership development, strategic capability, visibility and science. They will do this in the spirit and environment of collaboration.

In November 2020, they will all meet face-to-face for the first time in Ushuaia, Argentina, before embarking on their voyage to Antarctica. They will disembark three weeks later with a new view of themselves and a unique context for their life. Meet these women on the HB5 participant page here.

Globally, women are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions, and change has been incredibly slow, despite increasing dialogue and process/systems changes. (Although women comprise 60% of university graduates, only 10-20% of them make it to senior decision-making roles or professional-level academia.) By providing these women with leadership, visibility and strategic skills, a sound understanding of the science, and a strong purposefully developed network, HB will enhance their ability to lead for the greater good, to impact decision-making for a sustainable future.

HB believes scientific endeavour plays a critical part in resolving our most ‘wicked’ problems moving forward. HB wants to tackle the challenge of science communication and the visibility of women in STEMM.