Australia’s Cell Biology Field Leader
Grants and Awards | October 12, 2020

CI Professor Rob Parton has been cast as the leading researcher in cell biology in Australia – by The Australian’s Research 2020 magazine.

In each of 255 fields, The Australian named the Australian-based researcher whose papers published in the 20 top journals in their field in the past five years who have had the most citations by other researchers. They also name the top Australian institution in each field of research, which is determined in a similar way. The top institution is the one which has the most citations from research published in the top 20 journals in that particular field in the last five years. Non-university organisations such as the CSIRO and medical research institutes are also in the mix.
The core of the magazine is the lists of top researchers and top research institutions in each of eight major discipline areas. Each discipline is divided into granular research fields which largely follow the taxonomy used by Google Scholar.

Professor Parton says that this recognition is due to the tremendous work of people in his lab, both past and present, his fantastic collaborators including his CBNS colleagues.

Field: Cell Biology
Field Leader: Robert Parton, Uni of Qld
Lead institution: Monash
Life Sciences & Earth Sciences