CBNS CI, Associate Professor Kris Thurecht part of new ARC training centre
Editorial | July 1, 2017

CBNS Queensland News


Kris Thurecht part of new ARC Training Centre

Announced by the ARC this month, the new ARC Training Centre for Innovation in Biomedical Imaging Technology includes as an investigator, CBNS CI, Associate Professor Kristofer Thurecht


This Centre expects to train 20 industry-ready innovation scientists who will undertake industry-driven research in the development and application of novel diagnostics, therapeutics and theranostics. They will inform changes in regulatory policy that support industry growth. The Centre will build multidisciplinary links between researchers and within industry to develop ‘smart’ probes and ‘smart’ scanning, harnessing the digital revolution for better, cost effective diagnostic imaging and improved health outcomes. Industry partners in the Training Centre include Siemens Healthcare Pty Ltd, BGI International Pty Ltd, Inter-K Peptide Therapeutics, Clarity Pharmaceutical Pty td, Minomic International Ltd, Theranostics (Australia) Pty Ltd, The Trustee for Straw Family Trust, Uniting Care Medical Imaging Pty Ltd and Red Radiology Pty Ltd.