CBNS members publish perspective article on “A Decade of the Protein Corona”
Publications | December 6, 2017

CBNS members Dr Pu-Chun Ke, CBNS Director Professor Tom Davis and CBNS Deputy Director Professor Frank Caruso published a perspective article in the highly visible ACS Nano. The paper reflects on a decade of research on the protein corona, arguably the most important concept at the bio-nano interface.



In this Perspective, we reflect on a decade of research on the protein corona and contemplate its broad implications for future science and engineering at the bio-nano interface. Specifically, we focus on the physical origins and time evolution of the protein corona, differences in the nanoparticle-protein entity in in vitro and in vivo environments, the role of stealth polymers to minimize the formation of the protein corona, relevant computational and theoretical developments, and the “biocorona”, a concept extrapolated from the field of nanomedicine. We conclude the Perspective by outlining future directions and opportunities concerning the protein corona in the coming decade.


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