Foster your inner entrepreneur – a success story
Announcement | July 5, 2018

Nicole van der Burg was one of the recipients of the 2017 Student Travel Awards. She used the funding for a very special meeting during her visit in Germany:

In May 2018, Nicole attended the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Annual Congress in Munich (Germany), supported by the AIBN. During the congress, she organised a 15-minute coffee with Dr Marcus Maurer to pitch to him an idea she had for a postdoc grant in Urticaria diagnosis. He was so impressed with the proposal that he offered her to come visit his lab in Berlin.

In the 5 hours she had in Berlin with Dr Maurer’s team, she made valuable connections with several of his members. “We are in continuous conversation to this day about an upcoming collaborative grant proposal.”, Nicole is proud to announce.

“I sincerely thank the CBNS travel fund to give me the opportunity to start my own scientific collaborations.”

Congratulations to Nicole for such a huge accomplishment!