Congratulations to Kristel Cahyadi Tjandra for winning the ATA Scientific Encouragement Award!
Grants and Awards | May 16, 2018

CBNS member Kristel Cahyadi Tjandra (UNSW) won the ATA Scientific Encouragement Award April 2018. The Encouragement Awards are competitions that offer financial assistance to young scientists to further their education and attend scientific conferences and meetings.

The topic of the latest competition focused on the future of scientific conferences and secondments and whether they are still needed with access to publications and information now fast and cheap over the internet. Each entry was scored based on originality, relevance and level of entertainment. Three entries were selected to receive our award– first prize at $1500 and 2 runners-up at $600 each – and Kristel was chosen as runner-up.

Again, congratulations to Kristel!


More details on Kristel’s entry and the award