Discovery success for CBNS
Grants and Awards | January 2, 2020

The ARC’s Discovery Projects scheme provides grant funding to support research projects that may be undertaken by individual researchers or research teams.

The Discovery Projects scheme objectives are to:

  • support excellent basic and applied research and research training by individuals and teams;
  • support national and international research collaboration; and
  • enhance the scale and focus of research in Australian Government priority areas

The intended outcomes of the Discovery Projects scheme are:

  • expanded knowledge base and research capacity in Australia; and
  • economic, commercial, environmental, social and/or cultural benefits for Australia.

Grants from the ARC are made to organisations and provides project funding of between $30,000 and $500,000 per year for up to five consecutive years.

CBNS researchers were well represented in the latest rounds of Discovery grants with 7 grants across 14 members.

CBNS Member Project Organisation    ID number
CI Professor Chris Porter Developing new tools for chemical biology Monash DP200100796
CI Professor Matthew Kearnes Designing illicit drug policy solutions: the role of participation UNSW DP200100909
CI Dr Angus Johnston, Dr Nicholas Veldhuis, Dr Daniel Poole Caveospheres: A versatile peptide delivery system. Monash DP200100475
Dr Michael Whittaker Antibacterial Material Design via Mechanism-Based Mathematical Modelling. Monash DP200102829
Dr Thomas Hall, CI Professor Robert Parton Making muscle: molecular dissection of membrane domain formation. UQ DP200102559
Director Professor Thomas Davis; Dr Nghia Truong Phuoc; CI Professor Stephen Kent; Dr Athina Anastasaki Bespoke nanomaterials for understanding nano-bio interactions under flow. Monash DP200100231
Deputy-Director Professor Frank Caruso; Dr John Quinn Macromolecular Engineering of Functional Metal–Ligand Materials. UoM DP200100713