Education & Training program


The CBNS runs a range of education and training activities for our students and early career researchers. These include training on how to use particular scientific tools, seminars on current research and workshops on communication for scientists.

Information about our current activities can be found under Upcoming Events. We also keep an archive of past events and activities.

The education and training needs of CBNS members are coordinated by the CBNS Education & Training Committee. It is chaired by CBNS Chief Investigator Professor Maria Kavallaris AM (UNSW). The committee is formed of members from across all nodes with each node being represented by a postdoctorate researcher and PhD student.

The committee meets monthly to discuss and plan for education and training events. If you would like to contribute please contact Professor Maria Kavallaris AM, Centre Manager Dr Natalie Jones or one of the committee members.


UoMDr Jiajing Zhou, Postdoctorate Researcher

Ms Yingjie Hu, PhD Student

MonashDr Angel Tan, Postdoctorate Researcher

Dr Kristian Kempe, Postdoctorate Researcher

Ms Ava Faridi, PhD Student

UniSADr Marnie Winter, Postdoctorate Researcher

Ms Tahlia Meola, PhD Student

UQMs Anna Gemmell, PhD Student

Mr Arunpandian Balaji, PhD Student



Dr Declan Kuch, Postdoctorate Researcher

Dr Frieda Mansfeld, Postdoctorate Researcher

Mr Eric Du, PhD Student


Terms of Reference for the CBNS Education & Training Committee