Health and medical sector engagement

CBNS researchers have a range of links with organisations in the health and medical sector. These relationships are typically led by one of our Chief Investigators and link with hospitals and medical research institutes. The collaborations provide an opportunity for bio-nano research to be undertaken in collaboration with medical researchers and practitioners, informed by end-user needs.

Current collaborations are detailed below. For more information please contact the CBNS researcher listed.
We also have significant industry and commercial engagements.

The CBNS seeks new collaborations. If you have ideas for collaborative research in the health and medical sector please contact any of our researchers, the CBNS Director or Centre Manager.

Feel free to read our IP and commercialisation policy. Further information can be obtained from the CBNS Centre Manager.


Collaborating Company Main Contact Project
Aarhus University Denmark Professor Stephen Kent Clinical trials of approaches to cure HIV
Adult Cancer Centre Professor Maria Kavallaris Glioblastoma micro RNA as therapeutic targets
Alfred Hospital Professor Stephen Kent
Dr Angus Johnston
Analysis of influenza immunity
Alfred Hospital Professor Stephen Kent
Professor Rob Parton
Dr Angus Johnston
Analyses of the interactions of nanoparticles with a wide range of primary cells within human blood
Australian eHealth Research Centre Professor Andrew Whittaker Glioma imaging and therapy
Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute Professor Frank Caruso Multifunctional polymer capsules for specific targeting for diagnostic and therapeutic use
bioCSL Professor Stephen Kent Improved influenza vaccines
Boulos & Cooper Pharma Professor Clive Prestidge Preclinical development of the novel antibiotic Ramizol
Burnet Institute Melbourne Professor Stephen Kent Novel molecules to measure immune responses
Centre for Cancer Biology Professor Nico Voelcker Surface modifications to encourage endothelial progenitor capture and expansion
EPSRC Cyclops Network Professor Kris Thurecht “SPI-CLOPS” (Surface Polymer Imprinted Closed Loop Optical Patient Sensors) for Dose Detection and Prevention of Cancer Resistance
Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori Professor Frank Caruso Redox-active polymers and polymer multilayered capsules to target prostate cancer cells
Fudan University, Oxford University and WHO Influenza Centre Professor Stephen Kent
Dr Angus Johnston
Novel assays to study influenza immunity
Gebze Technical University, Turkey Professor Andrew Whittaker Novel porphyrin-based MRI agents
GlaxoSmithKline and the Doherty Institute Professor Stephen Kent Novel drugs to inhibit HIV entering the latent phase
Holman Pharma Pty Ltd Professor Clive Prestidge Improving oral delivery of poorly permeable drugs
Hubei University Professor Andrew Whittaker Novel MRI and optical imaging agents
Hudson Institute of Medical Research Professor Nico Voelcker Nanoparticle based drug delivery vehicles for the treatment of glioblastomas
Imperial College London UK Professor Stephen Kent Clinical trials of new HIV vaccines
Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research Professor Andrew Whittaker Novel hyperpolarized imaging agents
Merck Professor Stephen Kent Novel delivery mechanisms to reduce harmful inflammation in infectious diseases such as HIV
Minomic, InterK, Clarity Pharmaceuticals Professor Kris Thurecht ARC Industrial Transformational Training Centre – ARC Training Centre in Biomedical Imaging Technology
National AIDS Research Institute of India, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and Alfred Health Professor Stephen Kent Developing improved measurements of HIV immunity across different population groups
National Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Professor Andrew Whittaker Vascular remodelling and drug delivery
National Tsing Hua University Professor Andrew Whittaker Novel nanocomposites for bone regeneration
Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute Professor Frank Caruso Cytometer by Time of Flight (CyTOF) for the analysis of nano-bio interactions at the single-cell level
Prince of Wales Hospital Professor Maria Kavallaris Targeting microtubule proteins for chemosensitisation of lung cancer cells
QIMR-Berghofer Medical Research Institute Professor Kris Thurecht Development and testing of targeted theranostics for melanoma
QIMR-Berghofer Medical Research Institute Professor Kris Thurecht Testing of novel antibodies as imaging agents for prostate cancer
QIMR-Berghofer Medical Research Institute Professor Andrew Whittaker Novel antibodies for brain cancer imaging and therapy
QIMR-Berghofer Medical Research Institute Professor Rob Parton The role of caveolar proteins, called cavins, in the response of cells to DNA damage
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Professor Clive Prestidge Novel formulations of nanoparticles in gels to facilitate controlled release and delivery to bacterial biofilms
Queensland University of Technology Professor Andrew Whittaker Novel dental composites
Reform Pharm Pty Ltd Professor Clive Prestidge Lipoceramic reformulation of cardiovascular drugs
Royal Adelaide Hospital Professor Benjamin Thierry Development of bioengineered in vitro tumour models for radiobiological studies
Royal Adelaide Hospital Professor Nico Voelcker Scaffolds and capsules for human islet implants, cell therapy manufacturing
Royal Adelaide Hospital and Stanford Cancer Centre (University of Stanford) – funded by the Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation Professor Benjamin Thierry Smart “Nano Tracer” for improved preoperative staging with MRI and PET
Shanghai University Professor Andrew Whittaker Novel thermoresponsive polymers for therapy
Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (A*STAR) Professor Andrew Whittaker Cell uptake and imaging
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Professor Nico Voelcker In vivo testing of siRNA delivery vehicles, access to bioimaging facilities
St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney Associate Professor
John McGhee
3D MED-i – An exploration of immersive arts-led 3D visualisation and VR HMD in stroke rehabilitation
Sydney Children’s Hospital Network Professor Maria Kavallaris Testing of drug delivery vehicles for refractory paediatric cancer
Tianjin University Professor Andrew Whittaker Hydrogels for drug delivery
University of Washington Seattle Professor Maria Kavallaris Structural domains of beta-tubulin and their role in microtubule dynamics and transport
University of Illinois at Chicago Professor Andrew Whittaker MD simulations of polymer-bio interactions
Vanderbilt University, USA Professor Stephen Kent New antibodies to treat Influenza infection
Vaxxas Dr Adam Wheatley
Professor Stephen Kent
Novel analyses on immune responses induced by nano patch
Wesley Hospital, Brisbane Professor Kris Thurecht Prostate Cancer Therapeutics
Women’s and Children’s Hospital Professor Nico Voelcker Scaffolds for regulatory T cell expansion