Industrial and commercial engagement

CBNS researchers have a range of collaborations with commercial organisations. These relationships are typically led by one of our Chief Investigators and link with Australian and international bioscience and biotech experts. The collaborations provide an opportunity for bio-nano research to be translated into product development and, ultimately, application and use.

Current collaborations are detailed below. For more information please contact the CBNS researcher listed.
We also have significant health and medical sector collaborations.

CBNS always seeks new collaborations. If you have ideas for the next step for any of our research, please contact any of our researchers or the CBNS Director or Centre Manager.

The CBNS IP and commercialisation policy provides additional information but please contact the CBNS Centre Manager if you have any questions.

Collaborating Company Main Contact Project
Aegros International Professor Kris Thurecht Smart affinity membranes for advanced manufacturing of high-value therapeutic proteins
Affinity Bio Professor Stephen Kent Generation of novel anti-HIV antibodies
AgaMatrix Inc. Professor Maria Kavallaris
Professor Justin Gooding
Development of a new dispersible electrode concept for detecting low levels of microRNA in blood as a biomarker of disease
Anteo Diagnostics Professor Andrew Whittaker Protein attachment chemistry for devices
ANU Professor Stephen Kent Studying novel HIV vaccines that induce highly potent T cell immunity
AstraZeneca Professor Kris Thurecht Joint PhD studentship
bioCSL Professor Stephen Kent Improved influenza vaccines
Bionomics Ltd.
(funded by a Future Industries Accelerator grant)
Professor Benjamin Thierry Clinical blood biomarker and target engagement analysis for bionomics BNC101Phase I clinical trial
Capsugel Professor Chris Porter Ionic liquid technology for drug delivery
Ceramisphere Ltd.
(funded by an ARC Linkage grant)
Professor Benjamin Thierry
Professor Clive Prestidge
Development of an in vitro model of the intestinal epithelium to optimise oral nano-vaccine
Clarity Pharmaceuticals Professor Kris Thurecht Biodistribution and targeting of biomolecules
Dow Chemical Company Professor Andrew Whittaker Photo-responsive hydrogels (ARC DP funded)
Ferronova Ltd.
(funded by TechinSA)
Professor Benjamin Thierry Improving Head and Neck Cancer staging with nanoparticles
Doherty Institute
Professor Stephen Kent Novel drugs to inhibit HIV entering the latent phase
Halozyme Therapeutics Professor Chris Porter Perturbation of the extracellular architecture to promote the absorption and lymphatic transport of biological macromolecules
Inter-K Professor Kris Thurecht Biodistribution, pharmacokinetics and efficacy of peptide therapeutics
Inventia Life Sciences Professor Justin Gooding
Professor Maria Kavallaris
Professor Tom Davis
Developing bioinks and 3D printers for the 3D printing of cells
Luminosity Innovations Professor Justin Gooding Sun exposure technology
Merck Professor Stephen Kent Novel delivery mechanisms to reduce harmful inflammation in infectious diseases such as HIV
Minomic Professor Kris Thurecht Biodistribution and targeting of antibodies towards prostate cancer
Minomic Professor Kris Thurecht Developing biospecific antibodies for targeted therapeutics
Murdoch University
Professor Benjamin Thierry Development and validation of rapid detection and viability assays for Cryptosporidium, Norovirus, and Adenovirus and using a novel gut-on-chip
Nano-Nouvelle Pty Ltd Professor Nico Voelcker Development of electrochemical biosensors for cardiac biomarkers
National AIDS Research Institute
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
Professor Stephen Kent Developing improved measurements of HIV immunity across different population groups
NVIDIA Associate Professor John McGhee RT Cell – Realtime previewing of 3D molecular models in Maya and Vray
PolyActiva Professor Tom Davis
Dr Michael Whittaker
A study of the interrelationships between drug release and polymer biodegradation of novel drug-polymer conjugates (DPCs)
PregTech Pty Ltd Professor Nico Voelcker Co-development of biosensors for veterinary applications
PureTech Health Professor Chris Porter Targeting the lymphatic system using glyceride-mimetic prodrugs
RHS Ltd and Repromed Professor Benjamin Thierry Development of a novel non-invasive prenatal testing technology based on circulating fetal cells
SA Water Professor Nico Voelcker Development of biosensors for water quality
Sanofi-Pasteur Professor Stephen Kent
Dr Adam Wheatley
Antibodies for broad protection against influenza B
StarPharma Professor Kris Thurecht Imaging the distribution of dendritic nanomedicines
Starpharma Professor Chris Porter
Dr Angus Johnston
Novel targeted delivery systems
Starpharma Professor Chris Porter Dendrimers for advanced drug delivery
Telex Pharmaceuticals Professor Kris Thurecht Biodistribution, pharmacokinetics and efficacy of therapeutic antibodies
Tour de Cure Pioneering Cancer Research Professor Maria Kavallaris
Professor Nico Voelcker
Precision nanomedicine for the treatment of neuroblastoma