4th Workshop: Biomedical Applications of Engineered Antibodies and Proteins
18 Nov 8:30 am - 18 Nov 4:30 pm

Cossar Hall, MIPS

This free workshop will focus on the latest developments in antibody engineering.

This workshop will showcase antibody engineering developments across various applications such as:

  • diagnostic/bioanalytical reagents and associated medical devices
  • imaging/theranostics
  • biologic medicines
  • targeted nanomedicines

This workshop is jointly run by theĀ ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science & Technology, theĀ ARC Training Centre for Biopharmaceutical Innovation, Monash University and the University of Queensland.

The agenda includes presentations from invited experts from across the field.

Register here. Contact Samantha Snowden-Finch for the password.