Animal Imaging Workshop 2017
28 September 10:00 am

Centre for Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland, Building 57, University Dr, St Lucia, QLD 4072

Introduction to Animal Imaging: (Stream 1) 

The introduction course will start with talks by the experts in PET-CT, MRI, optical, and MSOT imaging, as well as information about animal models, ethics, and other experimental considerations.  In the afternoon, live animal demonstrations using the major modalities will be done.

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Advanced Imaging and Analysis: (Stream 2)

The advanced course will start with an animal imaging experiment in the morning using PET-CT,  MRI, optical, and MSOT imaging, and will follow with a data analysis workshop in the afternoon.  The various data and images possible from each modality and the relevant questions they can answer will be discussed.

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PLEASE NOTE: You may only register to attend Stream 1 or Stream 2 (both streams run simultaneously).  

Space is limited, so registration is essential.


The workshop runs from 10am until 5pm.


This event will be fully catered with morning and afternoon tea, lunch, and a social mixer BBQ and drinks after the workshop.


This workshop is an activity of the CBNS Education Committee, organised by UQ node representative Zach Houston.


Our thanks to UQ’s Centre for Advanced Imaging for running the workshop and providing the experts and expertise.


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