ANSTO User Meeting
2 Dec 9:00 am - 3 Oct 5:00 pm

Macquarie University, MUSE - 18 Wally's Walk, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

In 2019, ANSTO will host a User Meeting at the MUSE – Macquarie University NSW campus to showcase the achievements of scientists who have accessed ANSTO’s landmark infrastructure and capabilities in the last year.

The event will coincide with the combined annual meetings of the Australian Neutron Beam Users Group (ANBUG) and the Australian Synchrotron Users Advisory Committee (UAC).

Several hundred participants are expected to attend the event, in which instrument users have the opportunity to showcase their recent research accomplishments.

It is also an opportunity for prospective users to hear about the unique capabilities of ANSTO’s scientific infrastructure, which comprises a suite of neutron beam instruments in Sydney and synchrotron beamline in Melbourne.  ANSTO also offers a range of other capabilities for scientific investigations including radiation measurements, use of natural and radioactive isotopes, radiochemistry, materials characterisation, accelerator mass spectrometry and ion beam analysis among others.

“The real power of accessing ANSTO is the possibility of using complementary instruments in a single investigation within one organisation," said Dr Miles 
Apperley, Head of Research Infrastructure.

For further information, and to register, please visit here.