Frontiers in Bio-Nano Science – a CBNS EMCR event
27 Sep 9:00 am - 27 Sep 7:00 pm

Cossar Hall, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Frontiers in Bio-Nano Science – a CBNS EMCR event


Date: 27 September 2018

Location: Cossar Hall, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Frontiers in Bio-Nano Science is an ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science (CBNS) event for the next generation of pro-active scientists and innovators to discuss ideas, share their skills and grow their careers. The development of Bio-Nano science as a tool in research to an innovation for industry can only arise from integration of ideas and techniques from all CBNS disciplines. This one-day symposium will provide a relaxed and inspiring environment for CBNS EMCRs to engage in cross-disciplinary networking and collaboration.


Ideas are cheap and abundant, execution is everything

While ideas are the start of scientific discovery, without execution they remain thoughts. This meeting will highlight alternative possibilities for furthering scientific careers so novel ideas can become a reality. What it means to be an EMCR is changing, and scientists should be informed and prepared to keep up the pace with the modern era.

research + collaborate + innovate

This meeting gives CBNS EMCRs the opportunity to showcase their research to peers and spark opportunities for collaborations. Active discussion of research will be encouraged during oral and poster presentations sessions. Plenary talks and panel sessions will highlight successful collaborations between academia and industry, the role of government in generating innovation and the importance of communicating scientific ideas to achieve these outcomes. FBNS will demonstrate ways academics can engage with the broader scientific community and how their skills can be applied to non-traditional pathways. The event will conclude with an innovation forum that will showcase how an idea developed in academic research can transform into an innovation. EMCRs will be given plenty of opportunities to engage with our invited speakers and panellists so that they can understand how their skills might translate as a modern post-doc.


Abstract submission and registration are now open.

Visit the FBNS website for more information.