Extrasensory – National Science Week
10 Aug 6:00 pm - 10 Aug 10:00 pm

Victorian Parliament House

Come join CBNS at Extrasensory.

See, hear, smell, taste, feel, more at this cornucopia for the senses.

Augment your reality. AI, bionics and smart devices are here to extend and enhance your senses. So what are the possible futures of human perception? At this event combining performance, storytelling, and experimentation, make sense of the world of the senses, and find the limits to your own.

See the unseen, and walk on the surface of a cell. Find your way with your fingers, and collaborate with an AI to create a musical masterpiece. Sniff out some bacteria and feel your immune system at work, then if you’re brave wash your hands with soap made from sewage.

Tell a story about the patterns hidden in the night sky, and imagine what trees might have to say. Ponder the concept of common sense, and what animals can perceive that humans can’t. Listen to the music of the elephants, the last moments of the Mars Rover, and the unfolding of the evolution of species.

Challenge your senses to work together, and become aware of senses such as kinaesthesia. Learn about how our senses mingle in synesthetic experiences, and sometimes fool us with hallucinations.

The world is full of new phenomena to explore, hiding just beyond the reach of your senses. So tune your ears, engage your nose, ready your tastebuds, and flex your fingers in preparation for an evening sure to be extra-sensory at the beautiful Parliament of Victoria.

When: Saturday 10 August, 6:00pm-10:00pm
Where: Parliament House Victoria, Spring Street East Melbourne
Cost: $9.53 – $12.64 tickets are available here