Macro 2018
1 Jul 12:00 pm - 5 Jul 11:00 pm

Cairns Convention Centre

The World Polymer Congress Macro 2018 will be taking place in the Cairns Convention Centre from 1 to 5 July 2018.


Registration is now open


Those are the 2018 conference themes:

  • Recent Developments in Polymer Design
  • Kinetics of Polymerization
  • Polymers and Nanotechnology
  • Polymers in Biotechnology, Medicine and Health
  • Energy, Optics, and Optoelectronics
  • Smart and Functional Polymers
  • Renewable Resources and Biopolymers
  • Polymer Engineering and Modelling
  • Polymer Characterization and Polymer Physics
  • Polymer Education
  • Innovation and Industry
  • Australian – German Symposium
  • Australian – Korean Symposium
  • Porous Polymers


The 2018 plenary speakers are:

  • Professor Ian Manners, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK
  • Professor Michelle Coote, Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University, Australia
  • Professor Paula Hammond, Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
  • Professor Zhenan Bao, Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, USA
  • Professor Ben Zhong Tang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong