Melbourne Knowledge Week
25 May 10:00 am - 25 May 5:00 pm

Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 399 Royal Parade, Melbourne

Nanoparticles have become such an important part of modern daily life, but their full potential still seems to be an unknown secret to the general public. During Melbourne Knowledge Week, we will take the audience on an interactive voyage through the wonders of bio-nano research and show them its crucial importance in the advancement of future disease treatments. We start the day with a tour through our modern labs at MIPS where we aim to both engage a future generation of bio-nano scientists and show Melburnians the future of medicine.

In addition, we will take them to an immersive virtual reality experience: A “Journey Inside a Human Cell”. This is a collaboration between Australian scientists and 3D animation experts to educate students and patients about biological processes and diseases. It allows the person to experience the wonder of the bio-nano scale which escapes the human eye.

After participating in the journey, audience members will have a new understanding of the use of nanoparticles, the science behind modern cancer therapy and the work of a researcher. We want the audience to know about the therapeutic potential of nano-science and the positive impact and value it has on their daily life in our city. By comparing what was considered sci-fi 50 years ago and the reality now, the audience gets a deeper understanding of the advances in research, both in Melbourne and also across the world.

To deepen the understanding of the bio-nano field, we will show the 1966 sci-fi classic movie “Fantastic Voyage”: A miniaturised crew attempts to heal their injured colleague by traveling through his body. Do advances in science and technology mean that this is closer to reality? We will discuss this in an interactive expert Q&A session.


Come and join us for a day of science!