Nailing Grants, Papers, Prizes, and Awards
27 Nov 1:00 pm - 27 Nov 4:30 pm

Level 4 Seminar Room, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW

Get ready for the next round of grants, papers or awards with this 3-hour workshop on Nailing Grants, Papers, Prizes, and Awards.

Learn how to build a strong connection between your text and its readers and how to put together a persuasive package to sell your ideas.

This workshop is dedicated to the “how” of successful reader engagement and translates interpersonal rapport-building techniques into the realm of competitive academic or professional writing. A hands-on introduction to persuasive language use, you may even get a chance to workshop a sample of your own writing at the event.


Afternoon tea will be provided.


Please talk to your supervisor if you are interested in participating.