Synthesis of Molecular Imaging Nanoparticles (SMIN) meeting
21 Nov 11:00 am - 21 Nov 5:30 pm

Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

About this meeting

As usual, the emphasis of this meeting will be on specific problems encountered during the synthesis and characterisation of molecular imaging nanoparticles. With the introduction of the CBNS signature projects, this meeting has become the official recurrent meetup of the signature project “Improved Molecular Imaging Agents”, so if you are part of this signature project you are encouraged to attend. Having said that, the meeting will still be accessible for other CBNS researchers who are interested in molecular imaging and may want to be included in the discussions of this signature project.

All PhDs/postdocs will give a ~ 15-20 minutes presentation, followed by a general (structured) discussion in the afternoon.



Register your interest

If you would like to attend this meeting, please register here. The final program will be distributed a week before the meeting.

The exact location and time will be confirmed prior to the meeting.