Grant Success: CBNS members won grant for ARC Linkage Project
Grants and Awards | February 13, 2018

Congratulations to CBNS CIs Professor Justin Gooding and Professor Maria Kavallaris as well as SAB member Dr Julio Ribeiro. They won an ARC Linkage Project grant for their project Bioinks for the 3D printing of cells made from off-the-shelf components worth $416,287.

The project aims to develop a simple method for creating complex, multiple-cell-type three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures for in vitro cell-based assays. Using 3D printing technology, this project will develop a versatile polymer system, made from entirely commercially available components, that gels upon printing and has functionality to assist cells in adhering, growing and migrating. The 3D printing of multiple cell types will provide biological scientists with more realistic in vitro cell assays to those found in vivo. Applications of the research are in cell biology, studying diseases and developing new drugs.