Helping working parents grow professionally
Conference, Grants and Awards | November 11, 2019

CBNS PhD Candidate Ms Valentina Milanova recently received the CBNS Carers Support Fund which allows CBNS members to travel, for work purposes, with family or arrange for other carers. This is what Valentina had to say:

“I had just submitted my PhD and started a new job as a research associate at the Future Industries Institute at the University of South Australia in August 2019.

I considered the FBNS symposium to be an excellent forum for me to attend. However, I realised that the date of the symposium in October coincides with the time my husband was away for work”.

The Frontiers in Bio-Nano Science (FBNS) Symposium was held in Brisbane, on Friday 26th October 2019. The Symposium was designed for final year PhD students and early to mid-career researchers.

“I have two daughters, age 10 and 14, who are independent to some extent but, at the same time, not old enough to stay home on their own. I mentioned to a colleague of mine that I could not go to the symposium because I had the kids on my own around this time. She told me about the CBNS Carer’s Support Fund and the opportunity for them to join me on my travels. I found the information on the CBNS website and filled in an application together with a supporting letter from my supervisor. I got a quick response from Dr Natalie Jones and soon received confirmation that my application was approved. I used the funds for my daughter’s airfare expenses and ground transportation. We all went to Brisbane and I was able to attend the FBNS symposium which would have not been possible without the scheme. It was a different format but very interesting.”

Valentina was selected to present her own research at FBNS and brought her girls along to the “Spark Tank” session. Receiving motivating and positive feedback from other researchers Valentina was thankful for the opportunity the Carers Fund provides CBNS members. “I thought that it was educational to see real examples of fundamental science turned into real-life applications with high input. It’s inspiring for me as a researcher but I also hope that having had a taste of science might influence my girls’ future career decisions.”