Like a “cancer-killing sniper” – Helen Forgham on Radio National Breakfast
Press Release | June 26, 2018

CCIA’s Helen Forgham was on Radio National’s Breakfast program this morning talking about her research treating childhood brain cancer medulloblastoma:

New nano tech could improve cancer treatment for children

When a child survives cancer they’re often left with life-long side effects from the heavy medication needed to fight the disease.

Now, a group of Australian scientists is trying to improve the long-term health of cancer survivors by using ‘nano particles’ to target a tumour directly.

They’ve turned their attention to a common form of brain tumour that has a survival rate of 70% — but leaves many children with cognitive impairment or hearing loss as a result of their treatment.


Listen to the interview:


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The interview was conducted by Hamish Macdonald on Radio National Breakfast, Tuesday 26 June 2018 7:51AM.