Liposomes as potential as drug delivery systems – new publication by Ms Tang Li and Professor Ben Boyd
Publications | October 3, 2018

CBNS member Ms Tang Li and CBNS CI Professor Ben Boyd have published an article where they discuss the potential of liposomes as drug delivery systems. The paper is titled Drug nanocrystallisation within liposomes and is published in the Journal of Controlled Release.



Liposomes are phospholipid bilayer vesicles that have been explored in pharmaceutical research as drug delivery systems for >50 years. Despite being important to their morphology and drug release pattern, the physical state of the drug within liposomes (liquid, solid, crystalline form) is often overlooked. This review focuses on precipitation of drug within liposomes, which can result in the formation of confined nanocrystals, and consequent changes in liposome morphology and drug release patterns. The type of drugs that form nanocrystals within liposomes, preparation and characterisation of liposomal drug nanocrystals, and the in vitro drug release behaviour from these systems are communicated, with a discussion of their potential as drug delivery systems.