Neuroblastoma tumour blood supply stopped in its tracks!
Press Release | July 10, 2017

CBNS’ CI,  Professor Maria Kavallaris and researchers, Mr Eugene Lee (UNSW Science), Dr Orazio Vittoria (Children’s Cancer Institute), have discovered how a modified natural compound disrupts angiogenesis, the formation of blood vessel networks, in neuroblastoma tumours, stopping them laying down the vital supply lines that fuel cancer growth and spread.

Press Release

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Children’s Cancer Institute Australia

Read the paper in Scientific Reports ‘Dextran-Catechin inhibits angiogenesis by disrupting copper homeostasis in endothelial cells’ by Eugene M. H. Yee, Miriam B. Brandl, Eddy Pasquier, Giuseppe Cirill, Kathleen Kimpton, Maria Kavallaris, Naresh Kumar, Orazio Vittorio