New paper on bottom-up approach to prepare super-repellent coatings
Publications | November 26, 2018

CBNS member Shuaijun Pan published a paper on a bottom-up approach to prepare super-repellent coatings in Nature Materials that was also picked up by the media lately. The publication is titled Coatings super-repellent to ultralow surface tension liquids and is co-authored by CBNS alumnus Dr Mattias Björnmalm, CBNS member JJ Richardson, CBNS alumna Dr Nadja Bertleff-Zieschang and CBNS Deputy Director Professor Frank Caruso.

A media article about Shuaijun’s paper was also published in Chemical & Engineering News titled Fluorinated coating is utterly repellent on 16 October 2018.



High-performance coatings that durably and fully repel liquids are of interest for fundamental research and practical applications. Such coatings should allow for droplet beading, roll off and bouncing, which is difficult to achieve for ultralow surface tension liquids. Here we report a bottom-up approach to prepare super-repellent coatings using a mixture of fluorosilanes and cyanoacrylate. On application to surfaces, the coatings assemble into thin films of locally multi-re-entrant hierarchical structures with very low surface energies. The resulting materials are super-repellent to solvents, acids and bases, polymer solutions and ultralow surface tension liquids, characterized by ultrahigh liquid contact angles (>150°) and negligible roll-off angles (~0°). Furthermore, the coatings are transparent, durable and demonstrate universal liquid bouncing, tailored responsiveness and anti-freezing properties, and are thus a promising alternative to existing synthetic super-repellent coatings.