NEW publication: Improving oral drug delivery with updated polymer-lipid hybrid systems
Publications | April 24, 2019

Congratulations to CI Professor Clive Prestidge and members Ms Saji Maghrebi and Dr Paul Joyce for the publishing An update on polymer-lipid hybrid systems for improving oral drug delivery in the Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery Journal.

Introduction: A promising approach that has recently emerged to overcome the complex biobarriers and interrelated challenges associated with oral drug absorption is to combine the benefits of polymeric and lipid-based nanocarriers within one hybrid system. This multifaceted formulation strategy has given rise to a plethora of polymer-lipid hybrid (PLH) systems with varying nanostructures and biological activities, all of which have demonstrated the ability to improve the biopharmaceutical performance of a wide range of challenging therapeutics.

Areas covered: The multitude of polymers that can be combined with lipids to exert a synergistic effect for oral drug delivery have been identified, reviewed and critically evaluated. Specific focus is attributed to preclinical studies performed within the past 5 years that have elucidated the role and mechanism of the polymer phase in altering the oral absorption of encapsulated therapeutics.

Expert opinion: The potential of PLH systems has been clearly identified; however, improved understanding of the structure–activity relationship between PLH systems and oral absorption is fundamental for translating this promising delivery approach into a clinically relevant formulation. Advancing research within this field to identify optimal polymer, lipid combinations and engineering conditions for specific therapeutics are therefore encouraged.

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