Associate Professor Kristofer Thurecht
Chief Investigator, Industry Partners Program Committee Chair
University of Queensland


Kris’ research focusses on the development of polymer and nanoparticle-based devices for nanomedicine. His work spans the fields of chemistry and materials, biology and imaging science to probe how nanomaterial properties affect their function in living animals. Of particular interest is the development of novel materials as multimodal molecular imaging probes for theranostics.

Signature Projects

Associate Professor Thurecht is currently actively investigating within the following Signature Project:

Featured Publications

Perturbation of the Experimental Phase Diagram of a Diblock Copolymer by Blending with an Ionic Liquid2016Bennett, T. M.; Jack, K. S.; Thurecht, K. J.; Blakey, I.
Preclinical Imaging of siRNA Delivery2016Fletcher, N.; Ardana, A.; Thurecht, K.J.
Spectral normalisation by error minimisation for prediction of conversion in solvent-free catalytic chain transfer polymerisations2016Richardson, S.J.; Blakey, I.; Thurecht, K.J.; Irvine, D.J.; Whittaker, A.K.
Synthesis, characterization and biological activities of semicarbazones and their copper complexes2016Venkatachalam, T. K.; Bernhardt, P. V.; Noble, C. J.; Fletcher, N.; Pierens, G. K.; Thurecht, K. J.; Reutens. D. C.
Targeting nanomedicines to prostate cancer: Evaluation of specificity of ligands to two different receptors In Vivo2016Pearce, A. K.; Fuchs, A. V.; Fletcher, N. L.; Thurecht, K. J.