Dr Angus Johnston
Chief Investigator
Monash University


Angus is a senior lecturer whose work focuses on developing better ways to deliver drugs, making them more therapeutically active and limiting side effects. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in nanomaterials assembly, material characterisation, cellular interactions and advanced imaging techniques.

Research Interests:

  • Engineering new materials with bio-responsive properties
  • Developing molecular sensors for biological sensing
  • Studying the in vitro behaviour of nanomaterials
  • Applying super-resolution imaging techniques for material characterisation

Signature Projects

Dr Johnston is currently actively investigating within the following Signature Project:

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
Flow Cytometry: HD flow cytometry: An improved way to quantify cellular interactions with Nanoparticles 2016 Selby, L. I., Kongkatigumjorn, N, Such, G. K., Johnston, A. P. R.
Human immune cell targeting of protein nanoparticles-caveospheres 2016 Glass, J.J.; Yuen, D.; Rae, J.; Johnston, A.P.; Parton, R.G.; Kent, S.J.; De Rose, R.
Interfacing materials science and biology for drug carrier design 2015 Such, G.K., Yan, Y., Johnston, A.P.R., Gunawan, S.T., Caruso, F.
Probing Endosomal Escape Using pHlexi Nanoparticles 2016 Kongkatigumjorn, N.; Cortez-Jugo, C.; Czuba, E.; Wong, A. S. M.; Hodgetts, R. Y.; Johnston, A. P. R.; Such, G. K.
Quantifying Nanoparticle Internalization Using a High Throughput Internalization Assay 2016 Mann, S. K.; Czuba, E.; Selby, L. I.; Such, G. K.; Johnston, A. P. R.