Dr Declan Kuch
University of New South Wales


Declan Kuch is a co-leader of the Social Dimensions stream, co-chair of the Outreach Committee, and a Research Fellow in the School of Humanities at UNSW. He is the producer of the Centre’s ‘Biomedical Futures’ events. Dr. Kuch is the author of ‘The Rise and Fall of Carbon Emissions Trading’ (2015, Palgrave McMillan’s Energy and Environment Series). His research is motivated by the problem of how to reconcile public values with economic democracy in an era characterized by environmental constraints and an (often unhealthy) obsession with innovation.’ His research is situated between Economic Sociology, Socio-legal Studies, and Science and Technology Studies and covers bio-nano technologies and precision medicine biobanks. Dr. Kuch has also consulted to the Australian Council of Learned Academies on public engagement with technology. He is currently researching the social, ethical and political dimensions of precision medicine as a means of contextualising the centre’s work on theranostics, imagining and cancer therapies. He is also jointly developing pilot data cooperatives through an open platform based in Switzerland called midata.coop.

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