Dr Friederike Mansfeld
University of New South Wales


Friederike Mansfeld holds a joint appointment between two nodes of the CBNS, the Children’s Cancer Institute at UNSW and Monash University, under the supervision of Prof. Maria Kavallaris and Prof. Tom Davis. Her research is focussed on improving drug delivery in cancer, and she combines her formal training in chemistry with experience in biology to drive multidisciplinary projects, including an antibody-drug conjugate for treatment of neuroblastoma, gasotransmitter delivery for reversal of multidrug resistance and using nanoparticles for targeting metastases.


Friederike was awarded a PhD in supramolecular chemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK, and worked in peptide drug and vaccine delivery at UQ, and then drug delivery from polymeric implants in industry before joining the CBNS.

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