Dr Matthew Faria
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Melbourne


Dr Matt Faria’s research focus has been on developing methods to quantify and evaluate the performance of nanoengineered particles designed for specific interactions with biological systems (such as “stealth” or “targeting”). His work combines mathematical model development with biological and material experimentation. Ultimately, the goal of this research is to improve the prediction of in vivo outcomes from in vitro experiments.

Dr Faria also has a strong interest in finding ways to improve the execution and reporting of research; for instance through the use of action cameras, by improving data visualization, and by the development and promotion of reporting standards.

He is advised by CBNS CI Professor Edmund Crampin at the University of Melbourne. Prior to his postdoctoral research, Dr Faria completed his PhD under the supervision of CBNS Deputy Director Professor Frank Caruso and Professor Edmund Crampin. Before his academic career, Dr Faria worked for a number of years in software engineering. His undergraduate degree was in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon.