Dr Nicholas Veldhuis
Senior Research Fellow
Monash University


Project Leader – Endosomal Signalling (Targeting Endosomes for Treatment of Pain)

Drug Discovery Biology, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Nicholas Veldhuis is a Senior Research Fellow in the Drug Discovery Biology Theme at Monash University. His work focuses on identifying and characterising new drug targets (receptors, ion channels, signalling proteins) that contribute to pain and inflammation, and developing novel drug delivery systems (lipid anchors and nanoparticles). He is the project leader for “Endosomal drug delivery systems: Targeting pain at the source”. 

Nicholas has expertise in cell biology, live cell protein trafficking, protein expression/purification, cell signalling, and development of novel drug delivery systems for selective inhibition of pain signalling GPCRs.

Research Interests:

  • Studying the relationship between receptor trafficking and cell signalling
  • Developing and characterising lipid anchors and bio-responsive materials for drug delivery
  • Understanding cell signalling events that regulate neuronal and inflammatory outcomes
  • Structure-function characterisation of nociceptive receptors and ion channels
  • Neuro:Nano – the interface between nanomaterial and neurons