Dr Niloufar Ansari
Postdoctoral Researcher
Monash University


Dr Niloufar ‘Nil’ Ansari is a postdoctoral researcher at CI Dr Angus Johnston’s group, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She completed her PhD in Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne (October 2018). During her PhD, she worked under the supervision of Professor Natalie Sims and Professor Jack Martin at St Vincent’s Institute, where she studied the physiological role of osteocytic parathyroid hormone-related protein. She is an expert in studying cell function in vitro and in vivo, using genetically modified models. Her particular expertise is in studying osteocytes, cells embedded in the skeleton that regulate bone mass and strength.

Currently, she works on using nanoparticles for targeted delivery of drugs, and studies the interaction of nanoparticles with the cells.