Dr Simon Corrie
Chief Investigator
Monash University


Simon has a background in physical chemistry and has developed several molecular technologies with applications in diagnostics.

Simon’s current research is focused on the design, fabrication and testing of microprojection array technology for rapid, multiplexed biomarker detection via skin application and he leads the Nanosensor Engineering Lab at Monash University.

Further information about Simon’s work and the Nanosensor Engineering Lab can be found on the lab website.

Signature Projects

Dr Corrie is currently actively investigating within the following Signature Project:

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
Dynamic application of microprojection arrays to skin induces circulating protein extravasation for enhanced biomarker capture and detection 2016 Coffey, J. W.; Meliga, S. C.; Corrie, S. R.; Kendall, M. A. F.
Inactivated poliovirus type 2 vaccine delivered to rat skin via high density microprojection array elicits potent neutralising antibody responses 2016 Muller, D.A.; Pearson, F.E.; Fernando, G.J.; Agyei-Yeboah, C.; Owens, N.S.; Corrie, S.R.; Crichton, M.L.; Wei, J.C.; Weldon, W.C.; Oberste, M.S; Young, P.R; Kendallb, M.R
Investigating the effect of substrate materials on wearable immunoassay performance 2016 Lee, K. T.; Coffey, J. W.; Robinson, K. J.; Muller, D. A.; Grondahl, L.; Kendall, M. A. F.; Young, P. R.; Corrie, S. R.
Nano-Bio Interactions: Guiding the Development of Nanoparticle Therapeutics, Diagnostics, and Imaging Agents 2016 Corrie, S. R.; Thurecht, K. J.
Nanoparticle-Based Medicines: A Review of FDA-Approved Materials and Clinical Trials to Date 2016 Bobo, D.; Robinson, K. J.; Islam, J.; Thurecht, K. J.; Corrie, S. R.