Mr Ian Styles
PhD Student
Monash University


Ian is a PhD student under the supervision of Associate Professor Michelle McIntosh and Professor Christopher Porter.

Ian graduated in 2012 from RMIT with a Bachelors degree of Environmental Science, and later in 2013 with an Honours in Applied Science (H1).

Ian’s current research at MIPS focuses on the lymphatic absorption of monoclonal antibodies and nanoparticles delivered interstitial (subcutaneously or intradermally) when formulated with recombinant human hyaluronidase (rHuPH20).
His work aims to expand upon the mechanistic understanding of how rHuPH20 is used, and how it can further be applied, in the translation of intravenously delivered proteins and nanoparticles to the safer and simpler method of subcutaneous delivery.

Ian’s research is also investigating how rHuPH20 can be applied to improve the lymphatic targeting of protein and nanoparticle based therapies in an effort to treat lymph resident diseases (i.e. metastatic cancers, autoimmune disorders).

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