Ms Aria Ahmed-Cox
PhD Student
University of New South Wales


Aria joined CBNS in 2018 as a PhD student to work in drug delivery for oncology applications under the supervision of CBNS CI Professor Maria Kavallaris, CBNS Director Professor Tom Davis and CBNS CI Associate Professor John McGhee.

Originally from Canberra, Aria studied Advanced Science at UNSW with a background in microbiology, molecular biology and genetics. She first joined Maria’s group during her Honours year in 2016, working in novel therapies for brain cancer with Dr Orazio Vittorio and Professor Kavallaris where she was awarded 1st class honours and the UNSW University Medal. Following her honours year, she worked as a research assistant in leukaemia genetics and diagnostics under the supervision of Associate Professor Rosemary Sutton.

Aria is supported by a highly competitive Scientia PhD Scholarship from UNSW to work on a project entitled “Cancer Nanomedicine: Visualisation and Efficiency of Nanoparticle Delivery”.

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