Ms Tahnee Dening
University of South Australia


Tahnee Dening is a PhD student within Professor Clive Prestidge’s research group at the University of South Australia. Tahnee obtained her Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) and Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science degrees from the University of South Australia in 2012. She then worked as an Intern Pharmacist at the Repatriation General Hospital in Daw Park, South Australia (2013) and as a Drug Information Pharmacist at DATIS (Drug and Therapeutic Information Service) (2014), before commencing graduate studies under the guidance of Professor Prestidge. Tahnee’s research focuses on developing novel solid-state lipid-based formulations using nanostructured carrier materials to improve the absorption of drugs with intrinsically low aqueous solubility.

In 2015, Tahnee was awarded an Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship funded by the Australian Government to undertake research in an international environment. During 2016/2017 she has spent time studying at Syddansk Universitet in Denmark, Janssen Pharmaceutica in Belgium, and most recently she has completed studies as a Visiting Scholar at Purdue University under the guidance of Professor Lynne Taylor.

Featured Publications

Novel Nanostructured Solid Materials for Modulating Oral Drug Delivery from Solid-State Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Systems2016Tahnee J. Dening, Shasha Rao, Nicky Thomas, Clive A. Prestidge
Montmorillonite-lipid hybrid carriers for ionizable and neutral poorly water-soluble drugs: Formulation, characterization and in vitro lipolysis studies2017Tahnee J. Dening, Shasha Rao, Nicky Thomas, Clive A. Prestidge