Professor Andrew Whittaker
Chief Investigator, Node Leader, Imaging & Visualisation Theme Leader
University of Queensland


Andrew is a Senior Group Leader at the AIBN and has a diverse range of research interests; applying synthesis and characterisation of polymeric materials for photolithography and novel biomaterials for health applications.

In the field of biomaterials science, Andrew is most active in developing novel imaging agents for MRI, and his work has introduced a new class of 19F polymeric agents. He is currently active in developing novel hydrogels for delivery and as the basis of sensors. His team is also developing new materials for antimicrobial coatings. Andrew is an expert in the fundamentals of diffusion process in complex materials and has an international reputation in the field of NMR and MRI of polymeric systems.

Signature Projects

Professor Whittaker is currently actively investigating within the following Signature Project:

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
A Unique 19F MRI Agent for the Tracking of Non Phagocytic Cells In Vivo 2018 Moonshi S.S., Zhang C., Peng H., Puttick S., Rose S., Fisk N.M., Bhakoo K., Stringer B.W., Qiao G.G., Gurr P.A., Whittaker A.K.
Elucidating the Impact of Molecular Structure on the 19F NMR Dynamics and MRI Performance of Fluorinated Oligomers 2018 Zhang C. , Kim D.S., Lawrence J., Hawker C., Whittaker A.K.
Enhanced Performance of Polymeric 19F MRI Contrast Agents through Incorporation of Highly Water Soluble Monomer MSEA 2018 Fu C., Zhang C., Peng H., Han F., Baker C., Wu Y., Ta H., Whittaker A.K.
3D shape change of multi-responsive hydrogels based on a light-programmed gradient in volume phase transition 2018 Jiang Z., Pibaque Sanchez R.J., Blakeyac I., Whittaker A.K.
High F-Content Perfluoropolyether-Based Nanoparticles for Targeted Detection of Breast Cancer by F-19 Magnetic Resonance and Optical Imaging 2018 Zhang C., Moonshi S.S., Wang W., Ta H.T., Han Y., Han F.Y., Peng H., Král P., Rolfe B.E., Gooding J.J., Gaus K., Whittaker A.K.