Professor Ben Boyd
Chief Investigator
Monash University


Ben is a professor of colloid and physical chemistry with industry experience in the explosives and pharmaceutical industries. His research focuses on colloids and lipid self-assembly and his group is active in developing new synchrotron-based characterization approaches for lipid and solid-state systems.

Research Interests

  • Colloidal and structural aspects of lipids
  • Lipid self-assembly and pharmaceutical systems
  • Controlling materials at the colloidal scale for drug delivery

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
Cubosomes as carriers for MRI contrast agents 2016 Boyd, B.; Alcaraz, N.
Self-assembly structure formation during the digestion of human breast milk 2015 Salentinig, S., Phan, S., Hawley, A., Boyd, B.J.
Selective Sequence for the Peptide-Triggered Phase Transition of Lyotropic Liquid-Crystalline Structures 2016 Liu, Q.; Dong, Y. D.; Boyd, B. J.
Stabilising cubosomes with Tween 80 as a step towards targeting lipid nanocarriers to the blood-brain barrier 2016 Azhari, H.; Strauss, M.; Hook, S.; Boyd, B. J.; Rizwan, S. B.
The precipitation behavior of poorly water-soluble drugs with an emphasis on the digestion of lipid based formulations 2016 Khan, J., Rades, T., Boyd, B.