Professor Benjamin Thierry
Chief Investigator, Node Leader
University of South Australia


Benjamin is a Professor in Bioengineering whose research is aimed at the development and clinical translation of biodiagnostic technologies. He has extensive knowledge in solid-state biosensing, microfluidics and molecular imaging. His work focuses primarily on cancer with poor prognosis as well as on prenatal diagnostics.

Research interests

  • Biodiagnostic devices and technologies
  • Molecular imaging
  • Tumour- and organ-on-a-chip in vitro disease models

Signature Projects

Professor Thierry is currently actively investigating within the following Signature Projects:

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
External manipulation of nanostructure in photoresponsive lipid depot matrix to control and predict drug release in vivo 2016 Fong, W. K.; Hanley, T. L.; Thierry, B.; Hawley, A.; Boyd, B. J.; Landersdorfer, C. B.