Professor Christopher Porter
Chief Investigator
Monash University


Chris is Professor of Pharmaceutics at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Director, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Chris’ group works to address the poor oral absorption of drugs with intrinsically low water solubility, and to develop delivery systems to enhance the activity and reduce the toxicity of anti-cancer agents.

Research Interests:

  • Nanomedicines, in particular dendrimer-based drug delivery
  • Oral drug delivery, bioavailability enhancement and lymphatic drug transport
  • Lipid-based formulation design and assessment
  • Drug interactions with intracellular binding proteins

Signature Projects

Professor Porter is currently actively investigating within the following Signature Projects:

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
A new in vitro lipid digestion – In vivo absorption model to evaluate the mechanisms of drug absorption from lipid-based formulations 2016 Crum, M. F.; Trevaskis, N. L.; Williams, H. D.; Pouton, C. W.; Porter, C. J. H.
Hyaluronic Acid Molecular Weight Determines Lung Clearance and Biodistribution after Instillation. 2016 Kuehl, C.; Zhang, T.; Kaminskas, L. M.; Porter, C. J.; Davies, N. M.; Forrest, L.; Berkland, C.
Passive tumour targeting and extravasation of cylindrical polymer brushes in mouse xenografts 2016 Müllner, M.; Mehta, D.; Nowell, C.J.; Porter, C.J.
Tools for early prediction of drug loading in lipid-based formulations 2016 Alskär, L. C.; Porter, C. J. H.; Bergström, C. A. S.
Understanding the Challenge of Beyond-Rule-of-5 Compounds 2016 Bergström, C.; Porter, C.