Professor Christopher Porter
Chief Investigator, Delivery Systems & Vaccines Theme Leader
Monash University


Chris is Professor of Pharmaceutics at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Director, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Chris’ group works to address the poor oral absorption of drugs with intrinsically low water solubility, and to develop delivery systems to enhance the activity and reduce the toxicity of anti-cancer agents.

Research Interests:

  • Nanomedicines, in particular dendrimer-based drug delivery
  • Oral drug delivery, bioavailability enhancement and lymphatic drug transport
  • Lipid-based formulation design and assessment
  • Drug interactions with intracellular binding proteins

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
Glyceride-Mimetic Prodrugs Incorporating Self-Immolative Spacers Promote Lymphatic Transport, Avoid First-Pass Metabolism, and Enhance Oral Bioavailability 2016 Hu, L,; Quach, T.; Han, S.; Lim, S. F.; Yadav, P.; Senyschyn, D.; Trevaskis, N. L.; Simpson, J. S.; Porter, C. J.
Size and rigidity of cylindrical polymer brushes dictate long circulating properties in vivo 2015 Müllner, M., Dodds, S.J., Nguyen, T.-H., Senyschyn, D., Porter, C.J.H., Boyd, B.J., Caruso, F.
Neurokinin 1 receptor signaling in endosomes mediates sustained nociception and is a viable therapeutic target for prolonged pain relief 2017 Jensen DD, Lieu T, Halls ML, Veldhuis NA, Imlach WL, Mai QN, Poole DP, Quach T, Aurelio L, Conner J, Herenbrink CK, Barlow N, Simpson JS, Scanlon MJ, Graham B, McCluskey A, Robinson PJ, Escriou V, Nassini R, Materazzi S, Geppetti P, Hicks GA, Christie MJ, Porter CJH, Canals M, Bunnett NW
Endosomal NOX2 oxidase exacerbates virus pathogenicity and is a target for antiviral therapy 2017 To E.E., Vlahos R., Luong R., Halls M.L., Reading P.C., King P.T., Chan C., Drummond G.R., Sobey C.G., Broughton B.R.S., Starkey M.R., Van Der Sluis R., Lewin S.R., Bozinovski S., ONeill L.A.J., Quach T., Porter C.J.H., Brooks D.A., OLeary J.J., Selemidis S.
From sewer to saviour-targeting the lymphatic system to promote drug exposure and activity 2015 Trevaskis N.L., Kaminskas L.M., Porter C.J.H.