Professor Edmund Crampin
Chief Investigator, Area Leader
University of Melbourne


Edmund is Director of the Systems Biology Laboratory at the University of Melbourne. His research interests are in mathematical and computational modelling to investigate cellular processes and molecular networks underlying complex human diseases, in particular heart disease and cancer.


Signature Project:

Professor Crampin is currently investigating within the following Signature Project:

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
A framework to account for sedimentation and diffusion in particle-cell interactions 2016 Cui, J.; Faria, M.; Björnmalm, M.; Ju, Y.; Suma, T.; Gunawan, S.T.; Richardson, J.J.; Heidari, H.; Bals, S.; Crampin, E.J.; Caruso, F.
Distributed gene expression modelling for exploring variability in epigenetic function 2016 Budden, D.M.; Crampin, E.J.
Hierarchical bond graph modelling of biochemical networks 2015 Gawthrop, P.J., Cursons, J., Crampin, E.J.
Information theoretic approaches for inference of biological networks from continuous-valued data 2016 Budden, D.M.; Crampin, E.J.
Modelling modal gating of ion channels with hierarchical Markov models 2016 Siekmann, I.; Fackrell, M.; Crampin, E.J.; Taylor, P.