Professor Maria Kavallaris AM
Chief Investigator, Education and Training Committee Chair
University of New South Wales


Maria is head of the Tumour Biology and Targeting Program at Children’s Cancer Institute, Lowy Cancer Research Centre and co-Director of the Australian Centre for NanoMedicine.

In 2019 Maria was appointed as a member of the Order of Australia for her significant service to medicine, and to medical research, in the field of childhood and adult cancers.

Maria’s research focuses on identifying the mechanisms of action and resistance to anticancer drugs, discovering new protein interactions in cancer and the development of less toxic cancer therapies using nanotechnology.

Signature Projects

Professor Kavallaris is currently actively investigating within the following Signature Projects:

Featured Publications

A Rationally Optimized Nanoparticle System for the Delivery of RNA Interference Therapeutics into Pancreatic Tumors in Vivo2016Teo, J.; McCarroll, J. A.; Boyer, C.; Youkhana, J.; Sagnella, S. M.; Duong, H. T. T.; Liu, J.; Sharbeen, G.; Goldstein, D.; Davis, T. P.; Kavallaris, M.; Phillips, P. A.
Analyses of Tumor Burden In Vivo and Metastasis Ex Vivo Using Luciferase-Expressing Cancer Cells in an Orthotopic Mouse Model of Neuroblastoma2016Byrne, F. L.; McCarroll, J. A.; Kavallaris, M.
Capping Group Choice in Tripeptide Hydrogels Influences Viability in the 3D Cell Culture of Tumor Spheroids2016Wojciechowski, J. P.; Martin, A. D.; Mason, A. F.; Fife, C. M.; Sagnella, S. M.; Kavallaris, M.; Thordarson, P.
Delineating the Role of IV-Tubulins in Pancreatic Cancer: βIV-Tubulin Inhibition Sensitizes Pancreatic Cancer Cells to Vinca Alkaloids2016Sharbeen, G.; McCarroll, J.; Liu, J.; Youkhana, J.; Limbri, L. F.; Biankin, A. V.; Johns, A.; Kavallaris, M.; Goldstein, D.; Phillips, P. A.
βIII-Tubulin: A novel mediator of chemoresistance and metastases in pancreatic cancer2015McCarroll, J.A., Sharbeen, G., Liu, J., Youkhana, J., Goldstein, D., McCarthy, N., Limbri, L.F., Dischl, D., Ceyhan, G.O., Erkan, M., Johns, A.L., Biankin, A.V., Kavallaris, M., Phillips, P.A.