Professor Palli Thordarson
Chief Investigator
University of New South Wales


Palli’s research is centred in the area of bio-mimetic chemistry with focus on nanomedicine, supramolecular and biophysical chemistry.

Palli’s group use synthesis and/or self-assembly of functional molecules and employ a variety of methods to analyse nanostructures, including scanning probe microscopy and other advanced characterisation tools.


Signature Projects

Professor Thordarson is currently actively investigating within the following signature Project Project:

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
A Capped Dipeptide Which Simultaneously Exhibits Gelation and Crystallization Behavior 2016 Martin, A.D.; Wojciechowski, J.P.; Bhadbhade, M.M.; Thordarson, P.
Capping Group Choice in Tripeptide Hydrogels Influences Viability in the 3D Cell Culture of Tumor Spheroids 2016 Wojciechowski, J. P.; Martin, A. D.; Mason, A. F.; Fife, C. M.; Sagnella, S. M.; Kavallaris, M.; Thordarson, P.
Effect of heterocyclic capping groups on the self-assembly of a dipeptide hydrogel 2016 Martin, A.D.; Wojciechowski, J.P.; Warren, H.; Thordarson, P.
Halogen bonding influences perylene-core twists in non-core substituted perylene tetraesters 2016 Wojciechowski, J.P.; Martin, A.D.; Bhadbhade, M.; Webb, J.E.; Thordarson, P.
Limitations and design considerations for donor-acceptor systems in luminescent solar concentrators: The effect of coupling-induced red-edge absorption 2016 MacQueen, R.W.; Tayebjee, M.J.; Webb, J.E.; Falber, A.; Thordarson, P.; Schmidt, T.W.