Professor Stephen Kent
Chief Investigator, Delivery Systems & Vaccines Theme Leader
University of Melbourne


Stephen trained as an infectious diseases physician, immunologist and HIV vaccine scientist in Melbourne and the USA.

Research Interests:

  • Development and testing of novel vaccine strategies
  • Interactions of nanoparticles with immune cells
  • Analysis of immune responses and immune evasion

Signature Projects

Professor Kent is currently actively investigating within the following Signature Project:

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity and influenza virus 2017 Vanderven, H.A., Jegaskanda, S., Wheatley, A.K., Kent, S.J.
Immunological principles guiding the rational design of particles for vaccine delivery 2017 Gause, K.T., Wheatley, A.K., Cui, J., Yan, Y., Kent, S.J., Caruso, F.
Modulation of innate and adaptive cellular immunity relevant to HIV-1 vaccine design by seminal plasma 2017 Selva, K.J,, Kent, S.J., Parsons, M.S.
Antibody responses with Fc-mediated functions after vaccination of HIV-infected subjects with trivalent influenza vaccine 2016 Kristensen, A.B.; Lay, W.N.; Ana-Sosa-Batiz, F.; Vanderven, H.A.; Madhavi, V.; Laurie, K.L.; Carolan, L.; Wines, B.D.; Hogarth, M.; Wheatley, A.K.; Kent, S.J.
Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity against reactivated HIV-1-Infected Cells 2016 Lee, W.S.; Richard, J.; Lichtfuss, M.; Smith, A.B.; Park, J.; Courter, J.R.; Melillo, B.N.; Sodroski, J.G.; Kaufmann, D.E.; Finzi, A.; Parsons, M.S.; Kent S.J.