Professor Tom Davis
Centre Director, Chief Investigator, Node Leader
Monash University


Tom is a leading polymer scientist/nanotechnologist with an extensive publication history in polymer chemistry and kinetics.

Research Interests:

  • Developing nanostructured films, nanoparticles, protein conjugates
  • Nanoparticle-enhanced bio-imaging (PET, MRI contrast agents)
  • Drug and gene delivery using biodegradable nanoparticle systems

Signature Projects

Professor Davis is currently actively investigating within the following Signature Projects:

Featured Publications

Publication Year Authors
Engineered hydrogen-bonded glycopolymer capsules and their interactions with antigen presenting cells 2017 Kempe, K., Xiang, S.D., Wilson, P., Rahim, M.A., Ju, Y., Whittaker, M.R., Haddleton, D.M., Plebanski, M., Caruso, F., Davis, T.P.
Glutathione responsive polymers and their application in drug delivery systems 2017 Quinn, J.F., Whittaker, M.R., Davis, T.P.
Sequence-controlled methacrylic multiblock copolymers via sulfur-free RAFT emulsion polymerization 2017 Engelis, N.G., Anastasaki, A., Nurumbetov, G., Truong, N.P., Nikolaou, V., Shegiwal, A., Whittaker, M.R., Davis, T.P., Haddleton, D.M.
6α Acetoxyanopterine: A novel structure class of mitotic inhibitor disrupting microtubule dynamics in prostate cancer cells 2016 Levrier, C.; Sadowski, M.C.; Rockstroh, A.; Gabrielli, B.; Kavallaris, M.; Lehman, M.; Davis, R.A.; Nelson, C.C.
A Hydrogel-Based Localized Release of Colistin for Antimicrobial Treatment of Burn Wound Infection 2016 Zhu, C.; Zhao, J.; Kempe, K.; Wilson, P.; Wang, J.; Velkov, T.; Li, J.; Davis, T. P.; Whittaker M. R.; Haddleton D. M.