Scaling-up manufacture of polymeric nanomaterials for drug delivery

Project Summary

One of the challenges in developing nanomedicines is reproducibly scaling up the synthesis of complex nanostructured materials. CBNS researchers have therefore explored environmentally friendly techniques based on emulsion polymerisation to rapidly synthesise large quantities of complex polymers and polymeric nanoparticles. This research is the outcome of international collaborations between the Monash and Warwick nodes of the CBNS and was recently reported in Nature Chemistry.

Using this emulsion polymerisation technique, the Monash-Warwick team was also able to prepare a suite of polymeric nanoparticles with a variety of sizes, shapes, surface and core properties. This synthesis technique can also be used to produce nanoworms, an emerging nanostructured material with several advantages for cancer drug delivery such as long circulation time, high accumulation in tumours, deeper tumour penetration, and enhanced targeted delivery. This new synthesis technique provides great opportunities for the large-scale manufacture of complex nanomaterials for both bio-nano interaction studies, and drug delivery applications.